15 mar 2011

Marta Patlewicz
New Zealand's self portrait
opening 24.03 h 19.00
dal 25 al 27 dalle 17.30/19.30

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Documentary Art Project (New Zealand’s self portrait)

Marta Patlewicz

‘The Innocent Eye’ is a collaborative project between Marta Patlewicz and 30 artists from various countries and different creative fields. This began in New Zealand in 2010 and was continued by the artist in England.

Almost any scene has the potential to become a meaningful picture. The project started as an investigation into how much we actually don’t see. It aimed to capture what was beyond the artist’s vision. The medium used for the project was a ‘concealed’ video-camera attached to the artist’s bag. The footage was converted to stills, and then the participating artists were asked, which of those images made the biggest impact on them.The project re-examines the differences and equivalences between the active ‘subjective gaze’ of a photographer and the passive ‘mechanical vision’ of a camera.

‘The Innocent Eye’ looks at the strength of an image that does not reside in the picture itself or in the ‘excellence’ of its maker, but as the result of interaction between viewer and viewed. Participants have also written a short ‘narration’ for the photographs of their choice – descriptions of the pictures as seen by them.


about the artist

Marta Patlewicz is born in poland

living and working internationally

Currently studing at UCA Canterbury, UK

She's interest in photography and moving image, painting, fashion design


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